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UnitedLex's proprietary automated Obligations Management tool and dynamic document repository

The development of LexBase demonstrates UnitedLex's commitment to the discipline of Contract Management and our unique approach to the subject. With flexible, customizable workflows which do not require any significant changes in user habits, LexBase can be used as a simple, cost effective contracts repository as part of a LexLite solution, or as the foundation of our comprehensive LexPlus Obligation Management service.

As part of your contracts management environment and accessed via a 128-bit Encrypted Secure Web Interface, LexBase offers:

  • Template and clause libraries to drive standardization in the contracting process
  • Live links to contract terms and obligations metadata
  • Flexible contracts categorizations aligned with your hierarchy of risk
  • Configurable, multi-level access
  • Stakeholder and operations participation through assignment of obligations
  • Easy to read dashboards allowing Contracts and Legal to act as a "Command Center"