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Dave Deppe

Dave Deppe’s vast experience across all aspects of litigation services has given him the unusual ability to mesh the legal and regulatory requirements of electronic discovery with practical, efficient technological solutions.

Dave’s experience began within a law firm in 1995. Dave joined Dan Reed in 2008 after selling his previous company to Mutual of Omaha. From that point, Dave had direct and material involvement in building the UnitedLex Litigation and Cyber Solution service lines and associated technology from the ground up without acquisition. Today, he leads over 600 legal and cybersecurity professionals around the world.

Dave has kept his sleeves strongly rolled up by working closely with governmental agencies, top-50 national law firms, and Global 500 companies. Mr. Deppe has participated as an Electronic Discovery Expert helping clients in matters involving the EPA, U.S. DOJ, FTC, DHHS and SEC. He has also provided expert testimony and 30(b)(6) Testimony on behalf of several Fortune 500 companies. In 2015, Dave was recognized by Ingram’s Magazine as one of Kansas City’s “40 under 40”.

Mr. Deppe holds a degree in Business from Nebraska Wesleyan University and in Criminal Justice Administration from Bellevue University.