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Legal Residency Program

UnitedLex’s Legal Residency Program exemplifies our innovative spirit, commitment to the legal profession, and ability to design and implement initiatives that create a “win-win-win” in the marketplace.  At a time when law schools are under fire for failing to provide “practice ready” graduates, law students confront a tough job market while often carrying significant debt, and clients demand more efficient delivery of legal services, UnitedLex has partnered with leading law schools and the business community to create a program that addresses all three challenges.

The Legal Residency Program channels those practices established a century ago in the medical field.  We train new lawyers and provide them with valuable employment, and at the same time we are offering the business community cost-efficient legal solutions and generating additional scholarship funding for affiliated law schools.

Recent graduates are selected to participate in the two-year residency program where they acquire “contemporary legal skills” that are not a part of the typical law school curriculum: project management, e-discovery technology, cyber security, contract management, patent licensing and IP management. “Just being a lawyer” is no longer enough to ensure a position – much less future success – in the fast evolving legal marketplace. Residents acquire training in key legal delivery growth areas, engage in significant client contact, and earn a paycheck comparable to a judicial clerkship. This enables our residents to pursue careers at leading law firms, in-house legal departments, or as experienced managers with legal, business and technology providers.

UnitedLex has committed significant capital and resources to the Legal Residency Program as part of its investment in a sustainable legal ecosystem.  The program bridges the economic and practical knowledge gap facing many law school graduates who find that internships, externships and clinics are just a beginning.  By providing residents with key contemporary skills and ongoing client contact to augment doctrinal courses taught at law school our residents develop the foundational skills and expertise that will serve them well throughout their careers.

“This new program with UnitedLex provides meaningful employment opportunities for the graduates of our schools in important and growing areas of legal practice, working with the support of experienced attorneys and industry experts. They are able to further enhance their law school training, develop practical knowledge and acquire valuable new skills that equip them for fulfilling careers at law firms and corporations.”
-Dean Patricia White, University of Miami School of Law

Law schools partnering with UnitedLex in the Legal Residency Program open up alternative careers paths for their graduates. These law schools also collaborate with UnitedLex to enrich the post graduate residency curriculum, as well as to supply introductions to alumni and friends of the law school that might have use for UnitedLex’s suite of services.  The law schools receive a portion of the proceeds from UnitedLex that result from these introductions, which can then be used to fund scholarships and other important law school initiatives.

Initially, UnitedLex expects to employ 3-10 recent graduates from each affiliated law school with plans to hire more as the individual residency program grows.  Such has been the case at Miami and Ohio State, for example, where in excess of thirty graduates have already been hired as residents from each school.

UnitedLex is expanding the Legal Residency Program to include a few additional law schools in other major markets in the U.S. We take pride in our role in helping to train the next generation of lawyers as we partner with law schools and business leaders to strengthen the legal ecosystem.