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UnitedLex is the leading enterprise legal services provider that drives digital transformation throughout the corporate legal ecosystem. With more than 2,700 attorneys, engineers, and consultants across four continents, we deploy innovative solutions to deliver unparalleled business impact for global corporations and law firms. United by an abiding commitment to strengthening our clients, we meld our passion and resources to their goals and aspirations - creating a standard of excellence otherwise unattainable.

What makes us different?

We are fiercely passionate about what we do. We do not strive to be the best at everything, but we are the best at everything we do. We achieve this through a results-oriented approach; our focus on clients; our long-term commitment to our people and values; our melding of legal, business, and technical expertise with proprietary and best-in-breed partner technology; and our global footprint and financial stability.

Innovation is in our DNA.

UnitedLex was created to drive innovation, excellence, efficiency, and cost effectiveness to a legal marketplace that was slow to apply technology and business metrics to drive operations, results, and client satisfaction. Our incubation within three Fortune 50 companies in 2007 demanded a commitment to innovation and a targeted focus on delivering business impact to our clients.

We bring creativity and rigorous analytics to our clients.

UnitedLex helps our clients focus on industry benchmarks and identify ways for our clients to “do more with less” while maintaining quality and mitigating risk.  We help them transform their innovation by defining metrics to measure performance, identifying strategic focus areas, and incorporating technology to its highest and best purpose.

We recognize that one size does not fit all.

We provide our clients with a mix of expertise, engagement, insight, process, and resources – as well as a keen understanding of a client’s business.  We marshal the latest tools and techniques, combined with a global perspective that ensures every relevant advantage and risk is marked and measured.

We are truly global.

Our global footprint and depth of resources can be tailored to a particular market or across multiple geographies, enabling us to identify and to implement solutions custom designed for the broader or more narrowly drawn objectives and goals of our clients.

The result: a significant business impact.