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Bloomberg Big Law Business Webinar: Preventing Internal Breaches - The Critical Role of Corporate Counsel

February 13, 2018

UnitedLex is pleased to sponsor Bloomberg’s Big Law Business In-House Council Series webinar, “Preventing Internal Breaches: The Critical Role of Corporate Counsel.” Join Jason Straight, SVP, Chief Privacy Officer - Cyber Risk Solutions, and other industry experts as they discuss the importance of developing an internal employee cybersecurity program to protect your business in today’s environment.

Program Summary:

Errors caused by a company’s internal employees remains one of the top reasons a cybersecurity breach occurs, which results in significant reputational and economic damage. As corporate counsel takes an increasingly critical role in crisis management for the business, they must be more active in ensuring that their employees are trained in security issues to prevent breaches and prepared to handle and respond to breaches; otherwise, these businesses will face enforcement actions at both the federal and state levels.

What types of enforcement actions and sanctions are corporate counsel most likely to face in the case of breaches caused by employees? Where does corporate counsel face the biggest challenges in developing and maintaining cybersecurity protections via their employees? How can corporate counsel work with other internal teams to create effective systems and policies? The 60-minute webinar will enable participants to:

  • Understand the key areas where employees can expose a business to a data breach;
  • Learn how to ensure effective employee cybersecurity training, including regular testing and auditing of cybersecurity practices;
  • Gain strategies for working with internal teams to develop a holistic internal employee cybersecurity program.

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