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Replacing LIBOR - Are you Thinking About This $200 Trillion Dollar Problem With Your Contracts?

August 1, 2018

Darren Gold, Vice President, Financial Advisory

Since 1986, the London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR) has been used as the reference interest rate for millions of contracts, with a notional outstanding value of more than $200 trillion.  Derivative contracts account for the majority, but loans of all types, from syndicated to business and retail, reference what has been termed the “world’s most important number.”

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Domain Squatting

Defend Yourself Against Domain Squatting

July 9, 2018

Jason Straight, Senior Vice President, Cyber Risk Solutions and Kevin Noble, VP of Managed Detection Response Services

UnitedLex has been tracking the continuing threat arising from fraudulent emails targeting senior company executives that exploit the domain name registration system.  Law enforcement agencies have repeatedly warned businesses to take measures to defend themselves against this mode of attack.  Most often, the attacker is seeking to impersonate a senior executive, often a CEO or CFO) in order to

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Going for Action; How To Increase Cost Predictability in eDiscovery

June 18, 2018

Eric Gonzales, Senior Vice President, Legal Solutions

The rising cost of eDiscovery spend is a burden for many legal departments but surprisingly, few companies can accurately estimate and budget their annual spend on eDiscovery. This is a cause for concern; how can you improve on your eDiscovery efforts and increase accountability on litigation spend if you do not understand the full picture of eDiscovery?

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Cybersecurity Plan

‘R’ Is for Response—the Key Component to MDR

September 27, 2017

Lauren Proehl

As I discussed in my previous post, detection is a must. And detection becomes more important by the day when you consider that endpoints are multiplying like tribbles.

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Fiber Optics

‘D’ is for Detection: Why You Need Help

September 26, 2017

Lauren Proehl

A common saying in cybersecurity is: You will be breached. We learn of new examples almost daily.

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