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Practical Defensibility for GDPR Whitepaper

Practical Defensibility for GDPR White Paper

Sensible Compliance for Tougher European Privacy Laws

The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018. The new rules seek to better protect the personal information...

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Digital Contract Solutions

Transforming Contracts Management

For most companies, the enterprise contracting process is inefficient and ineffective, resulting in a measurable loss of enterprise value for a company. This is because the current process needlessly extends sales...

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Managed Detection and Response: How to Find the Right Partner for Your Organization

To detect and remediate cyber threats that have evaded traditional security controls,organizations are starting to view Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services as a superior alternative to in-house programs or traditional managed security service options. But MDR providers vary in approach and efficacy—and you need to make sure the...

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Business of Law U.K. Survey, 2017

Never before have law department leaders been asked to do so much. General Counsel in the U.K. and beyond have been tasked with shepherding their corporations through an increasingly volatile business environment while...

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Top Priorities in Advanced Threat Detection

In this white paper, we discuss top actionable items to improve a midmarket organization’s advanced threat detection methods and ensure that your team is well equipped to deal with specific cyber incidents. These...

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How to Optimize Your Cyber Security Investments

Companies face increasing pressure to improve their cyber security posture, while alsocontrolling the overall spend on IT and risk initiatives. Implementing additional securitytechnologies and platforms may significantly reduce malicious attacks. However, a moreholistic approach that focuses on identifying risk, creating a security program...

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The New Paradigm: Predicting and Controlling the Total Cost of eDiscovery

Effectively managing eDiscovery spend is now a baseline requirement for both in-house and outside counsel who are acting in the best interest of the organization that they represent.As litigation costs continue to soar, it is imperative that eDiscovery professionals utilize the Total Project Cost Methodology to analyze, control, and predict...

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Understanding the Total Cost of eDiscovery

Given the rising costs of litigation, it is important to understand the full picture ofeDiscovery in order to increase efficiency and successfully reduce costs for your company.Surprisingly, few companies can accurately estimate and budget their annual spend oneDiscovery. In this whitepaper, our experts will discuss how to calculate the total...

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Reducing the Challenges of Cross-Border eDiscovery

Data privacy laws are enacted to protect personal, commercial, and governmental information from unauthorized access, use, and corruption. However, due to the nature of litigation, cross-border eDiscovery often places U.S. organizations in the precarious position of potentially violating foreign privacy laws. Why? Simply put, the U.S. takes a...

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From Cost Center to Profit Center: Evolution of the Law Department

It is crucial for the legal team to step up and evolve from the traditional model of a cost center to a more progressive model of a profit center by becoming stronger business partners. This whitepaper discusses four...

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