Compliance & Data Protection

Sensitive data is both a key asset and a major risk for most organizations. Penalties for falling short on compliance and data protection obligations have reached an all-time high and continue to rise. To meet these demands, UnitedLex partners with your team to provide expert global resources and leading technology to optimize your compliance, privacy, cybersecurity, forensics, investigation, and data protection capabilities, while simultaneously reducing risk and containing cost.

A Leader in Managing Your Risk

Even companies that diligently conduct compliance risk assessments and gap analyses often find themselves unprepared and overwhelmed when a crisis occurs or a new obligation arises. The right compliance program and technology should not slow your organization—they can allow it to move faster.

Our multidisciplinary team supercharges your compliance, information security, and privacy functions to:

  • Anticipate your key data protection and compliance risk priorities.
  • Assess the effectiveness and defensibility of existing controls.
  • Innovate and implement proven processes for managing compliance and data protection risks.
  • Evaluate, deploy, and manage industry-leading technology to optimize your internal processes.
  • Develop risk-mitigation approaches that free your in-house compliance professionals to focus on risk-based judgments.
  • Ensure you collect, use, transfer, and dispose of data in accordance with multiple international laws, contractual obligations, and industry best practices.
  • Develop a methodology to measure results and demonstrate the value your compliance function brings to your organization.

A properly executed incident response plan can reduce the cost of a breach by more than 75%.

Organizations that eschew GDPR can face fines of up to 4% of global revenue.

Since 2004, the U.S. Department of Justice has issued $4.4 billion in annual compliance-related fines.

63% of chief compliance officers expect more regulation in the coming years, not less.

More than 60% of data breaches involve anomalous insider behavior.

Almost 30% of companies have outsourced portions of their compliance function.


Trusted People

Our diverse, veteran professionals will quickly become a trusted extension of your team—without the long-term financial commitment of doing everything in-house.


Practical Experience

We are not merely consultants; we are practitioners. We both make recommendations on how to manage risk and execute those strategies to ensure success and reduce burden on the company.


Innovative Technology

We help you choose and properly deploy best-in-class technology to streamline workflows and automate routine tasks for massive cost savings and improved results.

Compliance & Data Protection
Service Components

  • Cyber Risk Consulting and Advisory Solutions

    Cybersecurity has emerged as one of today’s most pervasive and vexing risks to businesses, and it is more than just an IT problem. While impenetrable protection from cyber threats is impossible to attain, we help your enterprise substantially mitigate risk with a holistic cybersecurity program that is defensible, actionable, and adaptive.

    Our cybersecurity services comprise three parts:

    • Risk Assessment and Strategy Development: We identify critical data assets, evaluate threats, and define a strategy for managing your business’s unique risks, prioritizing security resources and investments to optimal effect. We then design a practical security program that reduces risk and fits your budget. By focusing on all three components of risk—threats, vulnerabilities, and impact—we protect your most valuable data assets at a dramatically lower cost.
    • Targeted Attack Simulations and Penetration Testing: We simulate real-world attacks to expose weak links in your IT infrastructure, prioritize risks by potential impact, and improve your security posture. Using practical applications to evade anti-virus software, craft effective social engineering attacks, find weak credentials, and pivot throughout your business network, we discover, validate, and prioritize your vulnerabilities.
    • Third-Party Assessment and Monitoring: Recognizing that third-party information security risk is often directly proportional to a third-party’s access to sensitive data, we start by assessing the sensitivity and volume of data that each vendor may access. We then determine the appropriate assessment framework and methodology to ensure your sensitive data is protected when it is outside of your direct control. Our team has more than a decade of experience managing third-party risk programs, and takes responsibility for issuing assessment questionnaires, analyzing and scoring results, creating remediation plans, and conducting on-site security control reviews. In addition, our Security Operations Center team can continuously monitor third-party access to identify suspicious traffic to and from vendors, as well as anomalous logins to your restricted data.

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