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Managed Detection and Response

Active and continuous network security monitoring is increasingly an imperative for companies looking to reduce cybersecurity risk. While monitoring tools and technology are more effective than ever before, experienced security analysts are still key to an effective monitoring operation. Recruiting and retaining competent security staff is an imposing challenge for companies of all sizes. There simply are not enough qualified security professionals to fill open positions. Fortunately, UnitedLex can help. We have assembled an Intelligent Security Operations (iSOC) team built to provide you with the DEFENSIBLE, ACTIONABLE and ADAPTIVE security monitoring you need to detect known and unknown threats, including risks created by insiders as well as trusted third parties.

Managed Security Services

For the cost of a single experienced security professional, UnitedLex provides you with an entire team of experts to support and manage your security program.

UnitedLex has one of the largest teams of trained professionals of any company in the world, and is routinely called on to rapidly customize a domestic or global solution to complex risk scenarios.

  • SOC-as-a-Service
  • Managed SIEM
  • User Behavior & Security Analytics
  • Endpoint Threat Detection and Response