Contract Management
Contract Management

We understand the inherent challenges in the contracting process.

For most companies, the enterprise contracting process is inefficient and ineffective, resulting in measurable loss of enterprise value for a company. This is because the current process needlessly extends sales cycles, increases revenue/margin leakage, and inflates legal/compliance costs and risks. It is also a drain on legal and procurement staffing.

Corporate legal, contracts and procurement departments have lagged other departments in taking advantage of technology and process improvements to address the broken nature of the contracting process. When they have invested in technology, the implementation has often failed either due to poor technology selection or implementation, or simply because of a failed change management effort.

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UnitedLex's Digital Contracting & Commercial Solutions Lead to Contracting Excellence.

UnitedLex developed its Digital Contracting & Commercial Solutions (DCCS) team with a simple mission in mind: To help corporate legal, contracts and procurement departments maximize the value from contracting excellence while reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and ensuring high quality in the negotiation of contracts. Most importantly, the solution is designed to deliver quantifiable value to an enterprise.

Our DCCS team has extensive experience transforming the contracting function for enterprise companies, and we understand the four key pillars required to deliver quantifiable and impactful results: (1) Process; (2) Content (templates/playbooks); (3) Technology; and (4) People. The powerful combination of these components maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of the contracting process and drives measurable business impact.

We start by having our domain experts review the entire contracting support model to optimize overall performance of the contracting function. We improve resource utilization, spend, technology, processes, templates, and policies to support sales, procurement or compliance organizations.

Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Our tools are second to none.

Unlike most contract management solutions, we offer a true end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management solution. UnitedLex has leveraged the leading cloud-based negotiation and contract management system on the market, with four key capabilities that set it apart: 1) control over multiparty, conditional collaboration, 2) automation of contract drafting, approvals and workflow, 3) conversion of commitments into tasks, and 4) capture of both transactional and behavioral data. Coupled with UnitedLex’s expertise in optimizing contracting processes and workflows, companies can drive measurable business impact by improving the quality of contracts and efficiency of process while capturing data to provide visibility and analytics.

Revenue/Margin Leakage Reduction

The results we deliver are impactful to clients.

Imagine accelerating sales revenue or driving procurement savings — all
while significantly reducing contracting support costs and doing so with
unprecedented speed.

Our contracting solutions reduce deal negotiation cycles by at least 30%, with corresponding impact on revenue recognition and cash cycles. Companies can achieve greater than 10% savings in procurement spend while enhancing compliance and measuring vendor performance. By effective management of contract renewals and obligations, companies can reduce revenue/margin leakage by 1 to 3% or more.

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Our expertise and global resources ensure success.

UnitedLex’s DCCS leadership team has deep domain expertise in enterprise contracting and will help you achieve better results using fewer resources. With UnitedLex’s global footprint, you will also have access to trained contracting professionals to manage, support and/or supplement your contracting needs. Access to worldwide resources helps companies variabilize their cost structure for providing contracting support, allowing you to redeploy internal resources to other pressing needs.

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