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Contracts Intelligence

Do you know where your executed agreements are located and what their critical obligations and value trigger? Do you know how many contracts your company has outstanding? How many contracts your company enters into each year? Many companies do not, and this can be a significant issue.

Companies facing this lack of visibility need to consider two separate issues. First, what are your processes for initiating, negotiating and then tracking your contracts? Second, how can you organize all of the contracts you currently have to derive valuable reporting and analytics?

UnitedLex can help you transform your processes for new contracts with our Digital Contracting and Commercial Solutions system. The entire process will be more effective and efficient, with all new contracts and corresponding data stored in a searchable repository with useful reporting and analytics.

We also offer a comprehensive solution for extracting the key data from your agreements, ensuring 100% accuracy via our quality control team that loads them into a searchable repository. We then mine available data to drive improved business decision-making and systematic risk management.


Contracts Intelligence

By combining advanced data extraction technology, lean sigma processes, and a talented support team, we ensure you know what is in your current agreements, whether you have 2,000, 200,000 or 2,000,000. This solution is delivered at a fixed price and significantly enhances decision-making, compliance and commercial risk management.