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End-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management

Many companies have recognized the importance of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), but often the implemented solutions only address one aspect of the contract lifecycle such as a contract builder tool or a repository for completed agreements. Real business impact can only be achieved by focusing on the entire contracting process.

 As part of our Digital Contracting & Commercial Solutions offering, UnitedLex has leveraged the leading cloud-based negotiation and contract management system on the market. Four key capabilities set it apart: 1) control over multiparty, conditional collaboration, 2) automation of contract drafting, workflow and approvals, 3) conversion of commitments into tasks and 4) capture of both transactional and behavioral data.

 The result is a true end-to-end CLM solution, covering Intake, Authoring, Negotiation, Automated Workflows & Approvals, E-signature, Searchable Repository, Task Management, Robust Reporting/Analytics. UnitedLex’s contracting process and workflow optimization allows companies to drive measurable business impact by improving the quality of contracts and efficiency of process while capturing data to provide visibility and analytics.

End-to-end Contracts

UnitedLex is proud to work with more than one third of the Global Fortune 500  on managing template, process, technology and resource issues. We have learned internal and relational adoption is critical. A key driver in areas of adoption and change management for contracts is that our clients control the key inputs/decisions in the contracting process while avoiding cumbersome and costly technology selection and integration and other investments associated with traditional contracting initiatives.