Financial Documentation Services

Financial services companies confront a legion of regulatory, compliance, and documentation challenges that often cut across an organization’s legal, business, and technology departments. UnitedLex restores crucial revenue to our clients’ bottom lines, mitigates risk, frees their personnel to focus on higher-priority organizational issues, and provides budgetary predictability.

Customized Solutions to Drive Business Impact

We settle more than 25,000 loans with an aggregate value exceeding $115 billion annually. Additionally, LexDocs—our distressed debt and private equity trade documentation service—regularly delivers more than 30% per-trade legal cost savings for clients, resulting in millions of dollars in additional revenue and cost predictability through its fixed per-trade pricing.

As market leaders, our legislation and governance expertise spans the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act,

the Securities Act of 1933, the Exchange Act of 1934, Basel III, and the Federal Reserve Bank’s rules and regulations.

We focus on our clients’ current and prospective needs and provide customized solutions for loan trade settlement services, distressed debt and private equity trade documentation, and derivatives support to yield measurable results.

We settle 25,000+ loans with an aggregate annual value of $115+ billion

Financial Documentation Services
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