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Smart portal and workflow engineering provide the foundations for digital contracting.

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UnitedLex re-imagines the contracting function and develops a comprehensive roadmap that fits with your business strategy and core goals. This solution begins with a detailed assessment of current state processes to define a singular way of working across your end-to-end contracting workflows. Next, we establish centralized service request intake, risk-based triage, workflow automation, and business self-service. Insights gained through real-time monitoring of pre-signature workflows are then used to reduce cycle times and inform post-signature contract performance management.

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    For most companies, the enterprise contracting process is inefficient and ineffective, resulting in a measurable loss of enterprise value for a company. Their current processes often needlessly extend sales cycles, result in revenue/margin leakage, and increase legal/compliance costs and risks. It is also a drain on legal and procurement staffing.

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