Intellectual Property
Patent Litigation

Intellectual property assertion and defense is a high-stakes game.

Success or failure can result in billions of dollars to an organization’s bottom line. And results often hinge on the partner selected for the job. UnitedLex has served as that partner in supporting more than 250 patent litigation matters. The outcome: tens of billions in favorable client settlements and jury verdicts. 

Patent Value Assessment

We deliver results in monetizing patents for Fortune 500 companies as well as technology transfer departments at major research Universities.

We work with patent owners and their counsel to assess patent value, assess monetization opportunities, and support licensing programs to achieve optimal client rewards.  Our work with university technology transfer departments emanates from our innovative partnership with several leading law schools.

Intellectual Property Experts

Our track record is second to none.

Our team of IP experts focuses on technology elements of monetization  licensing as well as patent litigation. The engineers, scientists, and attorneys on our team have unmatched expertise with advanced degrees and deep industry experience. Our ability to harness this talent to develop a customized, end-to-end approach creates a highly unique client experience. And it produces significant results.  

Right-Shore Solutions

Then there is our size, scale, and experience.

UnitedLex has executed in-depth due diligence on more than 650,000 patents, performed more than 200,000 patentability searches, analyzed over 85 terra-bytes of product source code to isolate evidence of infringement, and successfully generated more than 38,000 invalidity, infringement, and EOU charts. We can provide “right shore” solutions because of our team depth and global footprint. And, we do all this at a price that serves conservative and aggressive agendas.

Client Value

Client value and results are what matter most.

And that’s why we are, by any objective measure, simply the best in the business at what we do.  Check out our case studies.

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