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Patent Licensing & Monetization

Licensing and patent sale requires meticulous planning and a structured approach to maximize portfolio value. Our patent licensing and monetization services are carefully structured to help patent owners and counsel identify the strongest aspects of their patents and prepare the most compelling licensing packages possible.

Our team of 180 technologists, engineers and domain experts help clients identify and analyze their patent portfolios, assess monetization opportunities and potential licensees, gather evidence of use, and determine financial value of IP. We put all of this information together into compelling licensing packages and assist clients with the execution of a strategic licensing program to reap the highest possible reward. We offer industry leading reverse engineering capability and expertise and make available to our clients functional product testing and tear-downs - including source code review - to identify key evidence that accelerates the licensing process and leads to more favorable outcomes.

We also have deep technical and financial expertise and serve as a high-value extension of your IP team when it comes time to deliver detailed, customized patent valuation models for use in patent sale, licensing, or litigation.

But again, it is results that matter.

In a single monetization engagement, we analyzed a portfolio of over 4,000 patents to identify 22 high-value patents. This enabled the client to initiate four successful licensing programs. The compelling evidence we uncovered resulted in early, highly favorable settlements that netted nine-figure licensing revenue for our client.

We also optimize patent renewals and dramatically reduce the cost of portfolio maintenance. This includes identifying high-cost and low-value patents, using cost index filters that direct resources to high value assets.

We enhance the way clients evaluate their patent portfolios by providing insightful, objective assessment of the strongest monetization opportunities. This has consistently resulted in seven and eight figure returns for our clients.