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Patent Litigation Solution

Critical and timely evidence wins cases. That's why we have revolutionized the process of working with clients and counsel to build an organic body of evidence that helps win cases, minimizes infringement concerns and drives monetization to extract the maximum value from IP assets.

Results matter. We have enabled clients to achieve successful outcomes in excess of two billion dollars in settlements and jury verdicts. We also work with clients defending claims and have had equal success defeating assertions valued in the billions.

UnitedLex provides comprehensive technology analysis and in-depth patent research support across the entire patent litigation lifecycle. We support clients from pre-litigation to filing PIC's, throughout discovery to pretrial and during trial. Our technology experts help unearth the best evidence, providing a strategic advantage for your lawyers and expert witnesses at every stage of litigation while substantially driving down overall legal spend.

We translate the technical components of patent litigation into a language that lawyers use to gain advantage. Our deep knowledge of both the underlying technology and the litigation process have helped lawyers identify alternate infringement and non-infringement theories that strengthen their case.

We have been the lead technical consultants building claim charts and mining for evidence from vast amounts of data-more than 45 terabytes.  For example our experts have:

  • Demonstrated an infringement in less than 10 days by reverse engineering a product workflow in the field of software protection and anti-hacking.
  • Analyzed the software source code of six different products and traced its evolution (23 versions) over a 10-year period to identify multiple instances of infringement. This resulted in a nine-figure result for the client. 
  • And we have successfully generated over 28,000 invalidity, infringement and EOU charts. 

Our technical analysis and evidence-mining services include:

  • Case Evaluation & Pre-litigation Analysis - We evaluate the strength and weakness of your case, unearth preliminary evidence and provide an estimate of potential damages. An assessment of these lead indicators enables an early-phase, fact-based decision whether or not to pursue a patent infringement matter.
  • Reverse Engineering & Tear-Down - A complete understanding of how a product is made and works under different scenarios is key to proving infringement and winning a lawsuit. Our reverse engineering services include product teardowns to focus on what’s inside, analysis of circuit connections and interfaces between relevant sub-components, circuit layout and extraction, material characterization, and physical testing of products. Beyond hardware, our experts can also reverse engineer the software instructions that power the hardware.
  • Source Code Analysis - Evidence from source code is by far the hardest-hitting proof point that our clients leverage and the most efficient route to unlocking information. And analyzing source code to extract evidence during litigation is more difficult than any other form of discovery. We compile and synthesize all technical data from the source code and provide detailed insights to help lawyers strengthen infringement claims. We also analyze all artifacts related to source code, including numerous database libraries, API (application programming interface), executables, user interface and more.
  • Product Testing - Testing of accused products in a patent litigation often provides great insight and, in the majority of cases, good evidence of infringement (or non-infringement, as the case may be), provided the testing process is relevant and reliable. Through the use of our testing labs and test simulators, we unearth evidence of use and subsequently tie it to the larger evidence stream found from source code and technical documentations during fact-discovery.
Patent Litigation Solutions

In many instances, one transformational insight and critical piece of evidence can turn the litigation in your favor. We help you find it.