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Operational Effectiveness

Fulfilling the Law Department’s role as a corporate leader requires an equal emphasis on the business context and an efficient approach.  We work with the General Counsel and leadership team to conceive and implement pragmatic changes in organization and process.  Improvements that encompass process design, role definition and enabling technology allow teams to provide an increased level of service from all perspectives – quality, timeliness, cost and volume.

Litigation Support Technology Assessment Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment

UnitedLex delivers recommendations on how the Law Department can maximize its value contribution to the organization. 

Litigation Support Technology Assessment Business Case

Business Case

UnitedLex provides financial analysis that quantifies the economic impact of potential efficiency gains identified during the engagement. This enables department leaders to quickly weigh the potential gains against the time and effort of implementing them. 

Litigation Support Technology Assessment Managed Solutions

Managed Solutions

UnitedLex brings significant resources to the table to drive positive change to the Department, including targeted implementation support and alternative resources for on-going legal work.