Litigation Services
Internal Resource Optimization

We eliminate the inefficiency associated with the litigation lifecycle.

We address significant increases in volume of data collected and subjected to the eDiscovery process.

We accurately identify and exclude non-responsive documents before processing to a review platform.

We inject efficiency into the execution and integration of all key functions.


We have built a fully integrated discovery solution.

In concert with our largest and most sophisticated clients, we designed and built our patented discovery platform called Questio.  Questio is a rich composite of technology and expert consultant led process.

Outside Counsel Optimization

Questio gives our clients a strategic advantage.

We provide you with accurate, early legal intelligence to validate and strengthen  your case with key documents within days of collecting data.

We work with Outside Counsel to defensibly identify and exclude the massive numbers of false positives that are currently reviewed by other providers.

Our document review provides a level of quality and efficiency that fully transfers the legal intelligence identified so that our review analytics achieve full impact.  

Total Project Cost Guarantee

Questio provides exceptional clarity and predictability in pricing and budgeting.

Clients should expect their providers to “put skin in the game” and to deliver superior legal support and economic outcomes.   That’s why there are no pricing games, no gimmicks – just guaranteed results.  We are so confident in our ability to find what you are looking for – and to separate it from what you’re not – that we provide a fixed-fee price point.  That’s our Total Project Cost Guarantee.  

Better Legal and Business Outcomes

Our passion for what we do translates to significant benefit for our clients.

Our team of lawyers, project managers, and technicians is over 2,000 strong, deployed in major hubs around the United States and the world. We deliver hundreds of millions of dollars of cost savings to clients while mitigating risk and providing end-to-end discovery services. This spans the gamut from collections and critical early-stage case assessment to document review and production. The result: better legal and business outcomes.  

Service Components & Efficiency Solutions