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Collection and Forensics

Every successful eDiscovery project must begin with a forensically-sound data collection.  This critical phase must not be left to chance.  Whether the collection involves data from a lone custodian down the hall or 1,000 individuals around the globe, the UnitedLex collection team ensures collection is done right the first time and every time. 

We have expertise and global reach to conduct massive-scale remote and on-site collections. And we do it with a team of trained experts who work efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively.

The result: a collection process that provides real-time and actionable information regarding collected data. We pass along only relevant data for the next phase of the eDiscovery process while ensuring all preservation obligations are fully met. 

Collection Forensics

Unmatched capacity and speed enables UnitedLex to conduct 150+ collections in a single day anywhere in the world

Collection Forensics Reduce Costs

Using its proprietary remote collection application, UnitedLex can reduce the cost of a large collection by 50-90%