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Corporate Investigations

Fraud, IP theft, insider threats, and data destruction pose grave potential risk to business. The threat to bottom line and brand is enormous. And the ROI for selecting the right support provider is, likewise, significant. That’s why so many Fortune 500 companies turn to UnitedLex to handle their corporate investigative support.  

We are a leader in providing protection for business against high-risk/high-stakes threat areas. Our team of highly trained, experienced legal and technical experts comes from diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, intelligence, privacy, intellectual property protection, computer forensics, and data analytics. 

Our human intelligence is complemented by advanced proprietary technology specifically built to mitigate compliance concerns that could result in costly legal and investigative activities as well as business disruption. This includes exposure emanating from FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery, GLBA, and other investigative actions initiated by Federal, State, and Local–as well as international-regulatory bodies. 

We also provide due diligence support services to evaluate risks associated with a proposed transaction or venture. This provides enormous value to clients, enabling them to uncover hard-to-find risk and evaluating prospective deals from a more informed perspective .

Our experts have been there before and can help anticipate what’s around the corner. Our unmatched proprietary investigations platform immediately and graphically pinpoints key investigative elements, greatly reducing cost.