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Data Hosting

As data volumes grow at increasingly faster rates, and as US and international courts require aggressive timelines and data management strategies, a scorched earth approach to leveraging technology radically increases risk and cost.  Mere licensing of Relativity or any other hosting platform is not nearly enough.  A commitment to significant technology development and investment in infrastructure separate "vendors" from true technology and domain expert partners.  For nearly a decade, corporate law departments and outside counsel around the globe have relied on UnitedLex to host and maintain their most sensitive information and ensure competitive advantage by only hosting relevant material.

While UnitedLex was named an Orange-level Relativity Best in Service Hosting Partner by kCura for its unique process and modification development, we do not stop there.  We have forged an entirely unique standard that satisfies the largest and most demanding companies in the world with respect to connectivity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, and global availability. 

The UnitedLex Advantage

Our clients turn to us because they receive best-in-class technology and service, along with solutions at their fingertips at a fraction of the cost of other providers:

  • Complete end-to-end automated reporting dashboard from collection through production provides unmatched, real-time project statistics
  • Accelerated predictive coding, similar document automated handling, email thread suppression efficiencies, conceptual search and foreign language detection through our proprietary, advanced analytics
  • State of the art redaction solution for native files and images that reduces redaction costs by a minimum of 30% when compared to alternative solutions
  • True global presence fully addressing privacy concerns in the US and throughout the European Union
  • Managed solutions that provide a low cost of ownership and complete budget predictability over the entire eDiscovery technology spend – without the hassle of procuring, installing, configuring, managing, and supporting an eDiscovery technology infrastructure.
  • The most secure, global platform using a "defense in depth” security strategy using modern security techniques and technologies in addition to information best practices and ISO standards 

How Our People Set Us Apart

UnitedLex places our dedicated employees at the core of our success.  Our data hosting team is comprised of Relativity-Certified Administrators and professionals, including “Relativity Experts” who have earned three Relativity certifications, necessary to win this distinction from kCura. We also provide regular CLEs and advanced training sessions, offer progressive work benefits and promote our team leadership from within. Our uniquely high retention rates allow us to staff our projects with highly trained, dedicated professionals.

People, process, and technology.  These are not just buzzwords to us - UnitedLex knows that they are integral to the practice and business of law.