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Litigation Solutions Center

Our Litigation Solutions Center (LSC) enables law departments and law firms to optimize a broad range of document review and eDiscovery services in the most effective, efficient and risk sensitive manner possible.  The LSC is a purposeful response to the changing legal landscape marked by increased cost pressure, demand for alternative billing models, and weaknesses in traditional law firm and vendor delivery.  By segmenting a range of technical and legal services within an LSC, law departments and law firms can materially reduce costs and delivery risk by collaboration with us throughout the litigation lifecycle. 

Litigation Solutions Center

The economic and performance benefits of an LSC are profound.  By partnering with UnitedLex, law departments and law firms can reap the benefits of the LSC model without committing material sunk cost or lengthy—and high risk—implementation.

  • In less than 60 days, law departments can quickly achieve internal capability previously outsourced to a range of providers while avoiding the governance, infrastructure and fixed cost challenges generally associated with captive units. 
  • Mid- to large-sized litigation departments can expect an LSC to reduce eDiscovery and document review spend by up to eight figures. At the same time corporate risk-including judicial sanctions-is reduced and data control is enhanced.
  • No capital investment or fixed costs (salary or otherwise) is required.
  • Knowledge capital is retained within the company/firm rather than dispersed throughout a network of law firms and vendors – with the resulting benefit of materially reduced risk and cost.
  • One Stop Support – a dedicated LSC director and team of professionals anchor the LSC operating structure and support the law department or firm with general and urgent eDiscovery and document review matters - providing consultative, best practice, and actionable guidance and support.
  • Unique funding options can drive asset creation and further reduce total legal spend, especially in the area of Intellectual Property defense and monetization.

UnitedLex has carefully addressed the financial and practical aspects of the LSC model with the guidance of legal thought leaders and senior executive members of Fortune 500 law departments and leading AmLaw 100 law firms.  Today’s challenging legal environment provides significant opportunities and material competitive advantage to those law departments that understand that adhering to the “status quo” is no longer a viable option. The LSC is a unique, proven option that drives significant business impact to legal departments and firms.