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Managed Document Review

For nearly a decade, UnitedLex has been the go-to provider of managed document review services in the legal industry. Why?  Because we combine our unmatched human capital with best-of-breed technology and proven processes developed through the review of over 100 million documents. 

From our experience, we have learned to take a consultative approach to each document review engagement, ensuring that client objectives are clearly understood from the outset of the engagement.  And then we consistently and transparently deliver to exceed those expectations.

Our approach to multi-shore review redefines this category of service.  We eliminate anxiety associated with low-cost review alternatives by having defined processes and engagement protocols that deliver an end result that exceeds traditional standards.  How?  Via innovative proprietary technology, unparalleled reviewer training, the most extensive platform of onshore and offshore facilities and a process that unifies our global review professionals.

UnitedLex combines its managed document review offering with custom trial support services that extract case-changing insights from the key evidence for depositions and trial exhibits at a fraction of the costs of traditional options.

We have a single, elite level of standard at UnitedLex, and provide a guaranteed level of performance regardless of geographic location. This places UnitedLex in a class of its own in managed document review.

  • More than 100 million documents reviewed in 35+ languages – with an accuracy rate of 99.8%
  • Proprietary processes developed to reduce privilege errors < .001%
  • The top 50% of UnitedLex Project Attorneys are tenured over 2 years
  • Review Managers average 5+ years in review experience
  • Achieve quality controlled performance levels 20-30% faster than our best competition, enabling us to compensate and invest in our associates as part of achieving the industry’s best retention rates (client and associates)
  • Collective experience of 3,000,000 hours working in Relativity drives UnitedLex’s Relativity Innovation and Custom script development—designed by review professionals for practical application in review projects
  • Highest percentage of salaried reviewed professionals hired and promoted through incentives for high-performance in accuracy and throughput
  • Highest number of Relativity Certified Administrators for managed review providers
  • A deposition prep services team that has prepared witness kits and other litigation support materials on matters with a cumulative settlement value of over $5 billion
  • A life sciences team that has managed the discovery strategy and review for corporate defendants in three of the five largest product liability litigations in the last ten years
  • Mandatory 24-month courses in review project management, analytics and technology, and eDiscovery regulations and case law

Managed Doc Review