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Total Project Cost Guarantee

eDiscovery costs are on the rise and explosive data volumes are the primary culprit for these increases.  Corporate counsel struggle to find an effective strategy for managing the eDiscovery process that increases efficiency and accuracy while containing cost.  The unit rate approach to pricing and provider selection fails to solve this challenge.

And so, in response, UnitedLex delivers:

  • The lowest all-in rate available in the market for end-to-end litigation services.
  • A fixed fee guarantee providing project level cost predictability - a promise previously unavailable in the market.
  • Clear insight into total cost of ownership and cost-out attainment.
  • Fiscal partnership with clients to guarantee a budget while working in concert to ensure investment is only made on value adding and efficient work streams. We stand by our performance operationally and financially. 

There are no pricing games, no gimmicks – just guaranteed results.  We are so confident in our ability to find what you are looking for – and to separate it from what you’re not – that we provide a fixed price.


Total project cost is provided up front and based solely on the volume of data ingested after complimentary initial filtering (removal of files on the NIST list, exclusion of unnecessary file paths or file types, and removal of files outside of the intended date range) and includes:

  • Forensic Data Collections
  • Questio Initial Filtering and Reporting
  • Questio Ingestion
  • Questio Data Reduction and Advanced Filtering Consultation
  • Questio Promotion
  • Review Hosted in Relativity “Best in Service – Orange” Level Instance
  • Unlimited Analytics for Near Duplicates, Email Threading, RAR Predictive Coding and Concept Search/Cluster
  • Managed Review including First Pass, QC, Management and Privilege Log (English only with up to 10 decisions)
  • Data Production
  • Project Management and Tech Time